Westklinik Dahlem
Clayallee 225 B
14195 Berlin / Dahlem
Telefon: 030 / 83 00 00-0
Station: 030 / 83 00 00-13



For your admittance - the day before the operation between 2pm und 4pm - please bring the cost reimbursement approval of Your health insurance company, the documents from your preliminary physicals (i.e. laboratory values, blood type), ECG and X-rays with You.

Anesthesia consultation by appointment.

You have the option to rent a telephone by Your bed. Televisions are available free of charge.

Our visiting hours are daily from 2pm – 7pm and also after personal arrangement.

In the summer months You have the opportunity to sojourn in our extensive gardens, depending on Your recovery process.

Specialist Divisions
Learn more about our Specialist Divisions. The high level of expertise is based on highly qualified, practicing specialists with many years of operational experience.
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